Pelosi’s Choice: Enough for Trump’s Impeachment but not going All Out for Removal

January 23, 2020
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By Ralph Nader January 23, 2020 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has her reasons for limiting her impeachment articles to offenses stemming from the abuses and violations related to Ukraine. Unfortunately, she declined to pursue a broader impeachment approach that recognizes multiple provable, serious violations of the Constitution. Speaker Pelosi overruled Chairs of Committees, including the…

An Open Letter to Donald Re: “Quickly Spreading Virus Raises Fears Across China,” Washington Post, 1/21/2020

January 22, 2020
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January 22, 2020 President Donald J. Trump The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington D.C. 20500 Dear President Trump: This is a short letter with a serious message about national security and safety. It has now been established that the Coronavirus spreading in China can be communicated from human to human. That includes you…

Trump: Making America Dread Again!

January 14, 2020
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January 14, 2019 President Donald Trump White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20500 Dear President Trump: The disabling and dismantling of the federal health and safety agencies under your cruel command has been leaving a trail of American fatalities, injuries, and property destruction without precedent even among past Republican Administrations. Your criminal negligence…

Full Impeachments for Trump will Shake Senate Republicans from Kangaroo Court

January 9, 2020
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January 9, 2020 By Ralph Nader Many Americans have forecasted that the outlaw Donald Trump will commit even more illegal acts to increasing his support in the 2020 presidential year. Remember Wag the Dog, a film about using a fabricated war to draw attention away from presidential misdeeds. Those Americans have been proven right by…

Ralph Nader Letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi

December 31, 2019
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In a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi I, together with Constitutional Law scholars Louis Fisher and Bruce Fein, proposed that the Senate allow Chief Justice John Roberts to prescribe impeachment trial procedures—subject to veto by a Senate majority. In doing so, the Senate would…

“Then, I have an Article II, where I have the right to do whatever I want as President.” – “King” Donald Trump

December 27, 2019
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By Ralph Nader December 27, 2019 Against Donald J. Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wanted narrow impeachment charges, despite key House Committee Chairs’ arguments for broadening the impeachment charges. These veteran lawmakers, led by House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler, urged Speaker Pelosi to include the ten obstructions of justice documented in the Mueller Report.…

Democrats Cave in Secret Budget Deal with Trump

December 20, 2019
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By Ralph Nader December 20, 2019 While attention was focused on the House of Representatives’ impeachment of Donald J. Trump, legislators from both parties were secretly huddling with White House aides to seal a $1.4 trillion budget deal to fund the government until next September. They were rushing to do this to avoid a partial…

Boeing’s Perilous Bungling Requires New Leadership

December 16, 2019
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By Ralph Nader December 16, 2019 The Boeing executives and marketeers responsible for over-ruling Boeing engineers on the 737 MAX are still in charge of this very troubled aerospace company. Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg and the rubber-stamp Board of Directors, with two trophy ambassadors, are still running Boeing – thirteen months after the deadly 737…

Why Not Also Go With “The Kitchen Table” Impeachable Offenses for Removal?

December 6, 2019
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By Ralph Nader December 6, 2019 Will the Democrats move to impeach Trump for a narrow brace of violations and accept that the Senate Republicans will keep this outlaw in the White House? Or will they present the Senate with the President’s many proven impeachable offenses, thereby requiring the Senate Republicans, before live national television,…

OPEN LETTER TO DONALD TRUMP from Mark Green and Ralph Nader

December 3, 2019
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Dear Donald, It’s been a while. I [Mark Green] last saw you & Melania when you walked into my final fund-raiser for Mayor on November 4, 2001. You joined the Clintons, Cuomos, Jon Stewart and 1100 other guests in our effort to defeat Republican nominee Bloomberg. Thanks again for your $4500 contribution. In this very…