A New Flight Hazard

October 29, 1973
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WASHINGTON—Since January of this year, millions of airline passengers have had their hand baggage and personal carry-on articles physically inspected as part of the government’s anti-hijacking program. There has not been a single domestic hi-jack since these procedures were put into effect. Now the airlines are installing x-ray inspection systems, mainly at the nation’s 30…

The Ford Follies

October 22, 1973
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WASHINGTON–The Ford Motor Company is on the campaign trail to break the will of Congress and weaken the Clean Air Act of 1970. Offering lavish food and drink, Ford executives have been inviting business and civic leaders in city after city to luxurious luncheons preceded by press conferences and followed by speeches against this federal…

Let’s Cool Hot Pursuit

October 15, 1973
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WASHINGTON–Sixteen year old Carl Ferrigno was sitting in a parked car one night last month alongside a road near Rochester, New York, when a police car approached him thinking a motorist needed assistance. Suddenly he took off with the police car in hot pursuit. Six miles down the road, Carl crashed fatally into a power…

To Lose Your Job, Do Your Job

October 8, 1973
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WASHINGTON–“Keeping the Church in its place” has long been the objective of business­men who control the investment committees of religious institutions. Since the late Sixties, a growing number of clergy has been challenging the position that the Church’s ethical and moral posture should have no relevance in determining the criteria for in­vestment and shareholder action…

Money From Heaven

October 1, 1973
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WASHINGTON—It’s called “The Bank Book.” It is an exposure of banks by a bank insider using the pseudonym of Morgan Irving. This book is only one indication that the consumer movement is finally catching up with the banking industry. At about the same time later this fall another booklength critique on banking will be published…

Needless Local Revenue Losses

September 24, 1973
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WASHINGTON–“There’s gold in them thar hills” used to be the expectant cry of the 19th century prospector. Today the inquiring citizen-taxpayer could direct the same words towards state and local government which are losing billions of dollars every year in uncollected corporate tax revenues, lost procurement savings, and non-interest bearing government accounts. Here is a…

Conning the Kids

September 17, 1973
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WASHINGTON–Once upon a time children’s food habits and taste were primarily shaped by their parents. Not any more. Television ads, especially on Saturday and Sunday mornings, have taken over and no one knows this better than the constantly nagged mothers and fathers. To get an idea of the massive television exposure directed toward children, you…

Let’s Use the Sun

September 10, 1973
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WASHINGTON–Many people who watched the recent three hour NBC television documentary on “the energy crisis” must have come away confused. Issues, charges and denials flew out at the viewer in a welter of point and counterpoint by industrialists and environmentalists. At the same time, a heavy smog hung over Washington and other cities along the…

Rubber Stamping High Prices

September 3, 1973
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President Nixon’s Cost of Living Council (CLC) conducted a one-day hearing last week as a prelude to rubber-stamping over $1 billion of unjustified price increases desired by the profit-glutted auto industry. The hearing was a charade. In came GM, Ford, Chrysler and AMC, as they did last year, implying that they would have to go…

The Business of the Nation

August 27, 1973
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WASHINGTON–During the heyday of Presidential defiance of Congress early this year, President Nixon had defended his impoundment of appropriated funds for health, educational and economic programs as inherent in the powers of the presidency. He said welcomed court tests of such White House refusals to spend funds which Congress creed should be spent by laws…