Roots of Flower Power

February 7, 1972
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If college students woke up to the world around them in the Sixties, the Seventies be when they organized systematically to get something done. The campus demonstrations of recent years have subsided. But in their place a new kind of commitment is emerging which draws on a greater sense of realism about what is required…

The White House’s Hidden Persuaders

January 31, 1972
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With election year upon us, the Nixon Administration has quietly moved to centralize in the White House the making of safety and environmental policy by Executive branch agencies. In a secret memorandum to “Heads of Departments and Agencies,” dated October 5, 1971, George Shultz, Director of the White House’s powerful Office of Management and Budget…

The American Automobile Designed for Death?

December 11, 1970
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The American Automobile Designed for Death? by Ralph Nader Harvard Law Record Originally Published: December 11, 1958 It was a bright summer day when Robert Burelson was driving home with his wife and three small children from a vacation trip. He had just entered Mint Canyon near Los AnĀ­geles when suddenly an automobile veered across…

American Indians: People Without a Future

May 10, 1970
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American Indians: People Without a Future By Ralph Nader May 10, 1956 (Copyright 1956, Harvard Law School Record, Inc.) “We are the people who are better known for what we were not than what we were, for what we are not than for what we are.” –A Crow Indian, 1955 American historical and fictional writings…