Consumer Bills

September 25, 1972
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With Congress in its stretch drive before adjournment, it looks as if only three consumer protection bills will be passed over the relentless opposition of corporate lobbyists, often in subtle concert with White House aides. The most important of these bills would establish a consumer protection agency to represent consumer interests before other federal regulatory…

Jeanette Rankin

September 11, 1972
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A few weeks ago we sent a questionnaire to former members of the Senate and House of Representatives, as part of our year-long study of Congress. The most spirited and fundamental response came from Jeannette Rankin, born in 1880 in Missoula, Montana and the first woman ever elected to the Congress. Indomitable and innovative as…

Energy Secrets

September 4, 1972
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If there is anything worse than an Administration that hides its wrongdoings, it is one that also suppresses its right thoughts. The Nixon White House is doing just that, first by sitting on a report entitled Energy Conservation by its Office of Emergency Preparedness (OEP) and then, after a trade journal obtained a copy through…

The Car Price Swindle

August 28, 1972
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It takes the power and greed of the auto companies to show how seriously the Nixon Administration’s price control program has failed the consumer and worker. Partly because of consumer and labor pressure, but mostly because General Motors and Ford overreached themselves in demanding large price increases, the Price Commission has relented and will hold…

This Land is Your Land

August 14, 1972
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A controversy is brewing over the ownership and use of underdeveloped and agricultural land in the U.S. The cries of land fraud, land dispossession and the need for land reform are uttered frequently from a wide diversity of groups. On one side are small farmers and landowners, conservationists, elderly retired people, and officials who fake…

New Muscle for Consumers

August 7, 1972
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A dull letter with exciting possibilities for consumers was delivered privately a few days ago by the General Accounting Office (GAO) to the Federal Trade Commission — the agency that is supposed to protect consumers and fight monopolies. The GAO, a Congressional watchdog over federal expenditures, advised the FTC that it had the authority to…

Open Season on Indians

July 24, 1972
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Throughout their history of contact with the white man, North and South American Indians have been butchered, plundered and oppressed. Most people think that such tragedies are now part of history. But these crimes are continuing in South America at a genocidal level for several hundred thousand tribal Indians. What has been going on, with…

McGovern on Monopoly

July 23, 1972
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To his credit, Senator McGovern is the first serious Presidential contender in decades to associate himself with the historic concern over monopoly in our economy. Last September he co-sponsored a bill with Senator Fred Harris (S. 2614) to break up giant corporations in monopolized markets. McGovern stated in January that “the accumulation of corporate power…

Cheaper than Wholesale

July 17, 1972
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Should schools, colleges, hospitals and other recipients of federal grants be allowed to purchase or use needed equipment from the federal government’s property supplies, or should they be required to buy these items on the market at much higher prices? This is the question that has pitted the Nixon Administration and a powerful coalition of…

Opening Jaycee Doors to Women

June 25, 1972
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Young Men Can Change the World” is the motto of the new Junior -Chamber of Commerce. With 6,366 affiliated local Jaycee organizations and a membership of 307,092 young men between the ages of 21 and 36, the Junior Chamber prides on promoting civic improvement projects in towns and cities throughout the country. But ever since…