Citizen Action and Other Big Ideas By David Bollier

Citizen Action and Other Big Ideas By David Bollier — Chapter One The Beginnings

In 1963, Ralph Nader, then an unknown twenty-nine-year old attorney, abandoned a conventional law practice in Hartford, Connecticut…

Chapter 2 Nurturing the “Consumer-Side” Economy

By the early 1970s, Nader’s many task forces had exposed dozens of outrages committed by the “supply-side” of the American economy

Chapter 3 The Office of Citizen

For this army of Harvard graduates about to enter the moral narcosis of the Reagan years, Nader issues a provocative challenge…

Chapter 4 Let the Information Flow

Secrecy, collusion among self-selected elites, and public relations hocus-pocus were common practices among the governing class.

Chapter 5 Corporate Abuses, Consumer Power

Over the past twenty years, one Nader advocacy group after another has tried to help the law catch up with the march of corporate abuses.

Chapter 6 The Art of Public Interest Litigation

Morrison first met Nader in 1971 through a law student who had worked for Nader the previous summer.

Chapter 7: The Politics of Health

It has been said that Sidney M. Wolfe, M.D., has a waiting room packed with 240 million patients.

Chapter 8 The Citizen Movement Expands

How many more people are becoming active citizens?