For the Deliberate Non-Voter

An Invitation to Join The American Society of Apathetics—Now

The new American Society of Apathetics.

Membership is free and simple, appropriately enough, with no rights because of the Society’s dedication to no exertions whatsoever, except to recite the solemn oath of the Apathetic to yourself, to wit:

As a member of the American Society of Apathetics, I solemnly swear and declare that I will endure any injustice, accept any abuse, absorb any disrespect, suffer any deprivation, concede any exclusion, inhale any toxics and avoid any public responsibilities in order to defend my inalienable right to apathy, so help me, my descendants and my country.

If you wish to bond with any other potential Apathetics in your community and not have to exert yourself slide to us and the relevant web address. The message is therefore communicated automatically without the necessity of lifting your voice to say anything.