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The Ralph Nader and Family Cookbook shares the cuisine of Nader’s upbringing, presenting Lebanese dishes inspired by Rose’s recipes that will be both known to many, including hummus and baba ghanoush, as well as others that may be lesser known, such as kibbe, the extremely versatile national dish of Lebanon, and sheikh al-mahshi–“the ‘king’ of stuffed foods.”

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Reporter’s Alert: Part VI

October 14, 2021

By Ralph Nader October 14, 2021 Reporters at major newspapers and magazines are hard to reach by telephone. Today it…

Solar Energy on the Frontlines and Old-Fashioned Clotheslines

October 7, 2021

By Ralph Nader October 7, 2021 Solar energy comes to Earthlings in many ways. Ancient Persians used passive solar architecture.…

How the “Polarized” Political Parties Work Together Against the Public Interest

October 1, 2021

By Ralph Nader October 1, 2021 “Polarization” is the word most associated with the positions of the Republicans and Democrats…

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Wrecking America: How Trump’s Lawbreaking and Lies Betray All

Wrecking America

Timed for the Fall Election, coauthors Mark Green and Ralph Nader describe the presidential race as Fascism for some vs. Democracy for all. The book focuses on Lawbreaking, Covid-19, Race in chapters that assess his disinformation topic-by-topic. Authors look ahead to what happens if Trump’s re-selected by Electoral College or loses in a realigning landslide.…

The Day the Rats Vetoed Congress

The Day the Rats Vetoed Congress

The Day the Rats Vetoed Congress is Ralph Nader’s fable of struggle and strategy, tenacity and triumph for our troubled times. But more than just a story, it can also serve as a “how to” guide to effect political change — from a pied piper who’s done it time and time again. Gleefully and generously…