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Why Not Also Go With “The Kitchen Table” Impeachable Offenses for Removal?

06 December 2019
By Ralph Nader December 6, 2019 Will the Democrats move to impeach Trump for a narrow brace of violations and…

OPEN LETTER TO DONALD TRUMP from Mark Green and Ralph Nader

03 December 2019
Dear Donald, It’s been a while. I [Mark Green] last saw you & Melania when you walked into my final…

Impeaching Trump for Deliberately Abetting the Climate Crisis Security Perils

27 November 2019
By Ralph Nader November 27, 2019 It is time to take Donald Trump’s disregard for climate crisis seriously. As Commander…

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Everyone Is Wrong About Howard Schultz — Including Howard Schultz

Time, 7 February 2019
By even just testing the waters for an independent presidential run in 2020, billionaire former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has done us a favor

"The Seventeen Traditions": An Interview with Ralph Nader

Arab America, 6 February 2019
Much of the ease of modern life and the degree of its conveniences are safe for us to use because of Ralph Nader.

The Rats Revolt

Truthdig, 17 October 2018
There is no American who has fought with more tenacity, courage and integrity to expose the crimes of corporate power...

Liberal Shock: Ralph Nader Touts Mike Bloomberg 2020 (video)

MSNBC, 15 October 2018
Ralph Nader tells Ari Melber it would be good for Mike Bloomberg to run against Trump as a Democrat in 2020.

Watch Ralph Nader’s zany appearance with two rap DJs (video)

MSNBC, 15 October 2018
Political activist Ralph Nader joins Radio legends Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia for a special “fallback” edition.

We checkout the American Museum of Tort Law with Ralph Nader (audio)

Marketplace, 28 September 2018
We sign on for a quick course in tort law, courtesy of Ralph Nader at his very own American Museum of Tort Law

Self-driving cars are susceptible to hackers, says Ralph Nader (video)

CNBC, 27 August 2018
Ralph Nader joins the 'Squawk on the Street' team to discuss why he's concerned about driverless car legislation.

Publishers Weekly Review of "To the Ramparts"

Longtime activist Nader links the rise of President Trump and decline of the Democratic Party to the latter’s turn away from being champions of a “people’s agenda” in this uneven recent history of and jeremiad against corporatist American politics.

Ralph Nader On Apple's Billions (audio)

NPR, 11 August 2018
Consumer advocate Ralph Nader is not impressed with how Apple is spending its excess billions.