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Ralph Nader > Uncategorized > Statement on the Passing of Karen Ferguson

December 23, 2021

Statement by Ralph Nader:

For nearly 50 years Karen Ferguson was the great, tireless champion leading the fight to protect endangered worker pensions from the greed and looting of corporations. Unassuming and unsung, she was both the brains and the national networker of efforts behind pension law reform. Her quiet, authoritative influence was felt on Capitol Hill, in executive suites, on the shop floors, and among specific pensioners needing immediate help.

Realizing the decline of traditional (“defined benefit”) pensions and the gross inadequacy of 401k’s, Karen developed a comprehensive national retirement security plan. This proposal, along with the Pension Rights Center she founded will be important parts of her lasting legacy.

At this time of deep sorrow and sadness, all her family and friends have the opportunity to celebrate her life and extend her work far and wide.