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WRECKING AMERICA exposes how Trump’s lawbreaking & lies are creating “Fascism 2.0”.

Timed for the Fall Election, coauthors Mark Green and Ralph Nader describe the presidential race as Fascism for some vs. Democracy for all. Book focuses on Lawbreaking, Covid-19, Race in chapters that assess his disinformation topic-by-topic. Authors look ahead to what happens if Trump’s re-selected by Electoral College or loses in a realigning landslide.

In their revealing, updated paperback, Green and Nader explain that “we began our research when it was considered bad form to openly call Trump a liar or Fascist, but now it’s naive not to.” (See:]

“By categorizing his ‘twistiIications’ (a Jefferson coinage) and explaining their cost on our lives,” they write, “we hope that Wrecking America can help voters become their own Trump BS Detectors. Following a string of big insider Trump books, ours is the only accessible paperback that is both readable and usable as a political guide, exposes the cost of his lies on our lives, and describes Trump as not merely a jerk but a menace harming our families.”

“At the same time, we are also the only Trump book that has a chapter appealing directly to 60+ million Trump voters who should consider changing their minds,” added Nader [see “Whose America? Dear Trump Voter, if you’re listening…”]. “Obviously most won’t but if even a small percentage did, it could have an outsized impact on close swing states. Our argument is this: look at the unprecedented number of insiders who work with him, then leave and denounce him; and if you wouldn’t want such a miserable neighbor, why would you want him as your president?”

Nader is a renowned consumer advocate and former four-time presidential candidate and Green the author/editor of 24 books on public affairs and former Public Advocate for New York City. Both are NY Times bestselling authors.

“Today’s national emergency is not ‘a’ Trump lie,” conclude Green and Trump, “but the epic volume of lawbreaking and lies that has led to a fake president running for re-election based on Five Big Lies: Climate violence is a hoax; Covid-19 is petering out; Trump created a great pre-Covid economy (it was Obama); mail-in ballots will ‘rig’ the election for Democrats; and the problem of ‘Law and Order’ in a few cities threatens America more than 401 years of structural racism. As Carl Bernstein said, ‘Trump IS the lie.’”

Wrecking America decodes 21 Trump Tricks designed to let him escape almost any criticism. “But dealing with his outrages one by one rather than as part of his pattern of corruption obscures the reality that the whole is greater than the sum of his parts. While any sole misstatement can be explained away (‘it was a joke!’, ‘the Clintons were worse,’ ‘I didn’t call soldiers “losers,”’ ‘Fake News!’), nothing can explain 20,000 falsehoods, 3200 conflicts-of-interest, and numerous crimes.”

According to the book, Trump apparently thinks that The Rule of Law really means the Law of Rule. As the authors explain, “his approach first asks if the person implicated is Republican or Democrat… White or Black…pro-Trump or never-Trump? If the person is, say, a racist sheriff, adjudicated war criminal, ideological reactionary, Michael Flynn or Roger Stone, they get pardons or compliments. But if the person under scrutiny is Black, Jeff Bezos, or Joe Biden…This is not law but tyranny.”

Instead of proposing an early plan to defeat COVID-19, for example, “Trump resorted to his usual grab bag of tricks to get by politically, which meant not doing good but looking good. Throughout, he admittedly lied about the severity of the pandemic, made panglossian predictions, and found available scapegoats in China/WHO/Obama/Democrats. The result: 100,000 to 150,000 avoidable deaths. Or political homicide.”

What’s the evidence that Trump is sinking into fascism to win and govern? Nader and Green urge readers to “connect these dots: If repeatedly violating the Constitution and laws, demonizing People of Color, stealing votes and elections, abusing the military for partisan ends, encouraging violence and racial strife, trying to block publication of critical books, firing whistleblowers and prosecutors who exposed him, falsifying data by the CDC, FDA, Intel agencies and combining political and economic power into a corporate state isn’t fascism, what would be? Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis called Trump’s use of federal troops to attack peaceful protesters ‘fascistic.’”

Green and Nader’s final chapter, “Whose America?”, anticipates a couple dozen ways Trump might try to further destroy democracy to hold onto power in the general election and 77-day interregnum—by seeking to overturn close state losses via discarded mail-in-ballots, martial law and armed supporters in the streets—or by getting more extreme in a second term if he wins.

The coauthors, both lawyers, propose a post-Inauguration Special Counsel to investigate and possibly prosecute the lawlessness of Team Trump or else risk encouraging repetition by a future president by whitewashing Fascism 2.0.

“Are we approaching or in an American Brownshirts moment?,” ask the coauthors. “‘Yes’ if congressional Democrats and the media don’t call out his sprint to combine Mussolini and Monarchy. But ‘no’ if he’s landslided in November. Our best guess: Trump’s wrecking ball will fail to destroy America…but only if we voters can save us citizens.”