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Ralph Nader > Opinions/Editorials > Message to candidates of all parties:

In the final days of the campaign the forgotten night-shift workers might appreciate a visit from the candidates for public office.

The workers that keep our society going during the midnight shift and receive little attention from the Congressional candidates for the House of Representatives or the Senate.

Millions of people work the night shift in our country. They operate essential facilities while the rest of America is asleep. They are fire and police workers, nurses and doctors, all-night drug store employees, restaurants workers, delivery people, toll booth operators, and highway and mass transit maintenance laborers. Night-shift workers staff the dwindling factories and guard facilities both private and public. They sustain nursing homes, hotels and motels, and staff emergency communications operations. They move people and goods by truck, railroad, air and sea.

In recognition and respect of these workers, candidates should visit some night-shift workers. Candidates could talk about what they want to do to improve the country for a majority of Americans who want to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, Medicare For All, a living wage, a reduction in waste and redundancies in the bloated military budgets, an end to unnecessary tax shelters for the rich and want to abolish corporate subsidies. Voters want to support candidates who will champion expanded labor rights, strong health and safety laws, consumer and environmental protection, and proper enforcement of laws against corporate crime fraud and abuse.

Ralph Nader