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Ralph Nader > Special Features > Remarks by Ralph Nader on Senators’ Calls for Al Franken’s Resignation


December 6, 2017

Remarks by Ralph Nader

Many Democratic Senators have demanded that Senator Al Franken resign immediately from the US Senate over accusations by six women that Senator Franken made unwanted advances and engaged in sexual harassment. Strange, isn’t it, that these same demanding Senators are not demanding now that Donald Trump resign as President.

Mr. Trump has boasted and bragged about his sexual aggressiveness toward resisting women and has been accused by more women regarding more serious charges so far than the case of Senator Franken. Mr. Trump has responded by slandering these women, while Senator Franken has shown deep contrition and self-criticism. Why the double standard, Senators?

The same double standard holds true for Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s demand for Congressman John Conyers’ resignation, while avoiding demanding the same of tortious Donald J. Trump. Demanding the same result for gross behavior demonstrates a modicum of courage and evenhandedness lacking here, because these Senators know that, unlike Franken, tweeting Trump will go after them with wild, continual denunciations – repeated by the mass media.

Moreover, why have a Senate Ethics Committee investigation process at all if righteous double standard clamor is deemed to suffice? These Senators should be mindful that having a due process procedure and then ignoring it can someday come back to bite them.

Of course, there are many other double standards in the Congress, such as backing illegal aggressive wars with mass civilian destruction without war declarations (Iraq), authorizations and appropriations (Libya) resulting in millions of innocent casualties abroad. Some of these Senators run for the Presidency without any objection by their Senatorial colleagues.