Nader Calls Out Pelosi for Double Standard: Pelosi Called on Conyers to Resign But Not Trump?

For Immediate Release

December 6, 2017


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Ralph Nader



Last week, Nancy Pelosi called on Congressman John Conyers to resign from office after allegations of sexual harassment were reported in the media.


But Nancy Pelosi has apparently yet to call on Donald Trump to resign for his boastful vulgar comments on the Access Hollywood tape and for allegations from twenty women of sexual harassment and assault.


“How can Nancy Pelosi call on John Conyers to resign but not President Trump?” Nader asked.


Conyers announced yesterday that he would resign.


A recent report in The Independent newspaper lists the twenty women who have made allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Trump, including groping of breasts, grabbing of genitals, forced kissing and walking into dressing rooms of naked teen beauty queens.


“If Pelosi had her priorities straight, she would have started by calling on the bragging Harasser in Chief to resign first, then descended down the perversion scale into the halls of Congress,” Nader said.

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