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Ralph Nader > Special Features > An Open Letter to DC Mayor Muriel Bowser

Dear Mayor Bowser,

Regarding the front page article in the Washington Post, “Congress Moves to Gut DC Laws” (January 19), you and your aides bristled at this gross interference in local government. This Republican-dominated Congressional overthrow of DC laws could not occur were DC to become a state – a goal you have “championed” – up to a point. We found out where that point was on September 28, 2016 when we rented the large Constitution Hall for an unprecedented, grassroots, four-hour, non-partisan statehood rally, streamed live around the country (see

Speaking were former DC mayors, a city councilman, delegate to Congress Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton, and leading community advocates and scholars. You were invited months in advance to open the session and declare DC Statehood Day. You did neither.

Without active support inside DC and in other states, for ending the District’s colonial status, your office will be bristling more and playing defense. You need to lend your official presence and media attention to strengthening organized demands for the 51st State of New Columbia.


Ralph Nader