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Ralph Nader > Uncategorized > FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Statement by Ralph Nader on GM Deferred Prosecution

September 17, 2015
Press Release

Statement by Ralph Nader on GM Deferred Prosecution

Letting off General Motors — this homicidal fugitive from justice — once again desecrates the memory of over 100 victims and counting of General Motors criminality.

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara and Attorney General Loretta Lynch have engaged in reverse malicious prosecution to inoculate General Motors and its culpable officials up and down the company hierarchy.

In particular, the exoneration of all GM personnel gives new meaning to the surrender of federal law enforcement that remains impervious to the preventable hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries resulting from documented corporate criminal negligence or outright criminality throughout our country every year.

If the federal cops on the corporate crime beat — namely Lynch and Bharara — are going to continue to go AWOL, they should resign and President Obama should put in charge corporate law and order officials to deal with an ongoing media-reported corporate crime wave washing over the country.

This GM non enforcement debacle provides another reason why the Senate and the House should insert criminal penalties for willful and knowing violations of safety standards in the pending highway bill.

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