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Ralph Nader > Books > Unstoppable: Twenty-Five Proposed Redirections and Reforms Through Convergent Action


  1. Require that the Department of Defense (DOD) budget be audited annually, and disclose all government budgets. Secrecy destroys accountability.
  2. Establish rigorous procedures to evaluate the claims of businesses looking for a government handout which would end most corporate welfare and bailouts.
  3. Promote efficiency in government contracting and government spending.
  4. Adjust the minimum wage to inflation.
  5. Introduce specific forms of taxation reform as well as push to regain uncollected taxes.
  6. Break up the “Too Big to Fail” banks.
  7. Expand contributions to charity, using them to increase jobs and drawing on available “dead money.”
  8. Allow taxpayers the standing to sue, especially immunized governments and corporations.
  9. Further direct democracy—initiative, referendum, and recall, for starters.
  10. Push community self-reliance.
  11. Clear away the obstacles to a competitive electoral process.
  12. Defend and extend civil liberties.
  13. Enhance civic skills and experience for students.
  14. End unconstitutional wars and enforce Article 1, section 8, of the Declaration of War Act.
  15. Revise trade agreements to protect US sovereignty, and resume full congressional deliberations, ending fast track.
  16. Protect children from commercialism and its physical and mental exploitation and harm.
  17. Control more of the commons that we already own.
  18. End corporate personhood.
  19. Get tough on corporate crime, providing penalties and enforcement budgets.
  20. Ramp up investor power by strengthening investor-protection laws and by creating a penny brigade to pay for an investor watchdog agency.
  21. Oppose the patenting of life forms, including human genes.
  22. End the ineffective war on drugs.
  23. Push for environmentalism.
  24. Reform health care.
  25. Create convergent institutions

* List is excerpted from Chapter 4, Page 65 of UNSTOPPABLE.