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Ralph Nader > Uncategorized > Time to Counter the Corporate Domination

More than ever, America needs fresh ideas—and bold solutions.
America is in crisis. After enduring two decade-long wars and a devastating financial meltdown, We the People have been abandoned by the leaders we elected to serve our interests. It is time for a new program including the following ambitious but common-sense solutions to our chronic economic and social problems. Adopting the following civic initiatives will start the process of rescuing our country from corruption, complacency, and corporate domination.

• Cracking Down on Corporate Crime
• Getting Corporations Off Welfare
• Requiring National Charters for Corporations 
• Fundamental Tax Reform
• Reducing the Massive Military Budget
• Innovative New Programs to Create Job Growth
• Returning Control of the Public Forum to the People
• Returning Control of Science and Academia to the People
• Overthrowing the Hydrocarbon Empire
• Ending the Commercialization of Childhood
• Fostering Community Control of Health, Housing, Credit, and more
• Rebooting Civic Education
• Reforming the Criminal and Judicial Systems
• Facilitating Large-Scale Recruitment into Civic Reform Groups
• Promoting Organized Watchdog Groups Nationwide
• Replacing Spectator Sports with Participatory Sports
• Starting “The Engine”—Recruiting Wealthy Progressive Citizens to Make a Difference

See The Seventeen Solutions for more details on this new program.