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Ralph Nader > Special Features > Quick Alert from Ralph Nader to the Fourth Estate

With two weeks left before election day, will any of the above raise the question to the presidential and congressional candidates or write about why none of them are campaigning on the need to raise the minimum wage to that of 1968, inflation adjusted, when the economy and worker productivity were half what they were today. Thirty million workers earning between $7.25 and $10 per hour are making LESS than workers made in 1968! Why isn’t that an issue between Democrats and Republicans?

Where are the labor unions to look out for their low-wage sisters and brothers? Why does the press not ask candidates why they are staying silent with their language of avoidance? Thirty million workers would receive tens of billions of dollars for their necessities and help consumer demand in a recessionary economy. Two thirds of low wage workers are employed by large companies like Walmart. At least 70 percent of people polled believe the minimum wage should be adjusted for inflation, including Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney until the latter waffled in the primaries early this year.

How could this not be a story. For dittoheads it is not!