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Ralph Nader > Uncategorized > 2011 Voice of the Employee Results Show No Confidence in Postal Management

Consumer Advocate Ralph Nader Calls on Postal Service to Be More Responsive to Employee Feedback Through Voice of the Employee Survey

Consumer Advocate Ralph Nader today highlighted the results of the U.S. Postal Service’s 2011 Voice of the Employee (VOE) survey, an annual method of gaining feedback from postal workers. In the 2011 survey, nearly half of respondents did not feel “confident in the ability of senior management to make the decisions necessary to ensure the future success of the Postal Service.” And only 39 percent of respondents believed that the results of the survey would be used to improve the Postal Service.

In his letter to Postmaster General Donahoe, Nader also questioned the process by which the U.S. Postal Service implemented the employee feedback survey, which is supposed to be voluntary and confidential. He cited past incidents, described by the American Postal Workers Union in a newsletter, of employee intimidation and postal managers’ actions that compromised the privacy, confidentiality and voluntary nature of the Voice of the Employee survey. Nader conveyed his concerns about these practices to Postmaster General Donahoe and emphasized the need for the U.S. Postal Service to be more responsive to its employees’ feedback and concerns.

A full copy of the letter, and the 2011 Voice of the Employee results, can be found on nader.org