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Ralph Nader > Special Features > Letter to Nestle Pure Life Regarding Their Use of the Denver Public Water Supply

January 26, 2012

Nestle Waters 11700 E 47th Ave, Denver, CO 80239

Dear Mr. Franceschetti,

The bottles of water you call Nestle Pure Life discloses on its label that the source is 1. What is the source for the Public Water Supply in Denver that you tap into for your bottled drinking water business there? It must come from a body of water in the area.

2. Since you also disclose that this water “is purified using reverse osmosis or distillation”, what have you found in and about the public drinking water for Denverites that needed more purification? Kindly release these tests to the local citizenry.

3. You have enhanced this water with “a balance of minerals for taste.” Can you release your tests as to the quantity, nature and safety of these ingredients?

4. What other localities in the United States and Canada do you draw your bottled water from the public drinking water faucets?

Thank you for your prompt response, inasmuch as the public has a right to assume that you collect this information regularly and under the Drinking Water Act of 1974 may be under a duty to report periodically such information.

Sincerely yours,

Ralph Nader