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Ralph Nader > Special Features > Bill McKibben: Environmentalists ARE Criticizing Obama

Bill McKibben, well-known environmental activist, wrote a response to Nader’s article earlier this week: “Obama’s Pipeline Quagmire.”

(You can read that column here)

McKibben: Mr. Nader didn’t get to talk at the rally because everyone else there had gotten arrested; they’d put their bodies on the line. As for not criticizing the president, we just had 1253 people arrested at the White House. Does that sound like criticism? We’re busy bird-dogging the president around the country, with actions in four states in the last five days. We’ve staged ‘interventions’ at several of his campaign headquarters, with many more to come. I think the Nation got it right: “After Obama’s Broken Promises, Will Green Voters Sit Out in 2012?”