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Ralph Nader > Special Features > Nurses to Converge on 60 Congressional Offices in 21 States Sept. 1

From Maine to California, nurses, joined by others fed up with the ongoing economic crisis, will call on members of Congress in their local district offices September 1 to ask the members to support a tax on Wall Street financial speculation, a revenue source fast becoming an international norm, to pay for healing the nation.

Events, from hosting soup kitchens to help feed the hungry and homeless, to community speak outs to street theater are planned in major urban centers like Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Orlando, to smaller cities and towns, such as Corpus Christi, TX., Marquette, MI., Bakersfield, CA., Dayton, OH., and Worcester, MA. National Nurses United is sponsoring the actions.

Nurses will visit the home offices of Republicans and Democrats alike, with a common message. Everyday Americans are hurting, and they need jobs, healthcare, housing, quality education, nutrition, and a secure retirement, not more cuts, as has been the obsession of Congress.

For more information on the event itself and to see if there is something going on near you visit the California Nurse’s Association’s website: