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Ralph Nader > Special Features > Remarks by Ralph Nader on the loss of Ray Anderson

When it came to bending industrial processes to making peace with the planet, Ray Anderson was the greatest of them all. He was the greatest CEO, the greatest engineer, the greatest educator of his peers in industry, and the most knowledgeable motivator, by example and vision, for the environmental movement. Calling industrial impacts on the ecosphere “plunder,” Mr. Anderson summed up his philosophy with these words, “I believe that a sustainable society depends totally and absolutely on a new mind-set to deeply embrace ethical values. Values that, along with an enlightened self-interest, drive us to make new and better decisions.”

He proved as CEO of Interface, the largest manufacturer in the world of modular carpets, that his ultimate sustainable goal of zero pollution for his company reduced expenses year after year and increased profits. His legacy will light the future through what he proved, what he wrote and the irrepressible spirit for humanity and posterity to which he devoted his brilliant life.

(It is a sad commentary on the mass media that far more Americans know about Donald Trumps’ antics than Ray Anderson’s magnificent achievements for us all.)