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Ralph Nader > Special Features > Statement of Ralph Nader on Supreme Court’s Attack on Consumer Rights

With today’s 5-4 decision in the AT&T v. Concepcion case, the U.S. Supreme Court undermined the rights of consumers to band together and challenge corporate misdeeds.

Justices Scalia, Thomas, Kennedy, Alito and Chief Justice Roberts should be ashamed of themselves for limiting consumer access to the courts.

The decision means that in many cases consumers will need to individually spend more time and money challenging anti-consumer practices than they would if they were allowed to band together and collectively seek justice.

To counter this decision, consumers should rally in support of the Arbitration Fairness Act, sponsored by Senator Al Franken of Minnesota, and Representative Hank Johnson, of Georgia, which is expected to be introduced in the coming weeks.

Consumers should not be barred from the courts based on anti-consumer, one-sided, fine-print contracts.

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