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Ralph Nader > Special Features > Remarks by Ralph Nader on the Passing of Sol Price

Sol Price, founder of the Price Clubs, was often seen as a moderately gruff man but with a heart of gold. He gave large sums of money to job training and other needs of inner city youth and child advocacy groups. He sought to alleviate poverty no matter who were the victims, including afflicted Palestinians.

His biting sense of business humor was legendary.

Mr. Price, a lawyer, had many causes, pressing for a tax on wealth and reforming the grand jury system which he deemed procedurely very unfair. He never could get a member of Congress to introduce a tax on wealth, no matter how many times he went up to Capitol Hill to urge such legislation.

He was an entrepreneur and a businessman for many seasons, an original thinker and doer. His career shames the misbehavior of the Wall Street and other executives whose reckless mismanagement and huge self-enrichment brought down our economy.