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Ralph Nader > Special Features > Memo to James K. Glassman

November 10, 2008

To: James K. Glassman

From: Ralph Nader

Subject: The Dow

During the past few weeks, several people have asked me a question that you must be getting from your friends: “What does Jim Glassman say NOW, given the collapse of Wall Street and the securities market?”

They and many others remember your 1999 book, with Kevin A. Hassett, euphorically but seriously titled DOW 36,000! It was a Business Week bestseller. It was praised on its front and back cover by Knight A. Kiplinger (“rock-solid investment advice”), and the venerable Burton G. Malkiel (“a well-written treatise that cannot be dismissed”) and Jim Jubak (“Dow 36,000: Everything you know about stocks is wrong.”)

Don’t you think you owe your many readers an elaborative explanation? I suggest that you write a new book with the title “THE DOW—TWENTY SEVEN THOUSAND POINTS TO GO IF YOU KEEP THE FAITH.”

Let’s hear from the usually voluble Jim Glassman. You’ve been entirely too withdrawn of late.