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Books by Ralph Nader and his associates:

Unsafe at Any Speed

Action for a Change(with Donald Ross, Brett English, and Joseph


Whistle-Blowing (with Peter J. Petkas and Kate Blackwell)

Corporate Power in America (with Mark Green)u and Your Pension (with Kate Blackwell)

The Consumer and Corporate Accountability

Corporate Power in America

Taming the Giant Corporation (with Mark Green and Joel Seligman)

Verdicts on Lawyers

The Menace of Atomic Energy (with John Abbotts)

The Lemon Book

Who’s Poisoning America (with Ronald Brownstein and John Richard)

The Big Boys (with William Taylor)

Winning the Insurance Game (with Wesley Smith and J. Robert Hunter)

Canada Firsts

The Frugal Shopper (with Wesley Smith)

Collision Course (with Wesley Smith)

No Contest: Corporate Lawyers and Perversion of Justice in America

(with Wesley Smith)

The Ralph Nader Reader

Cutting Corporate Welfare

Crashing the Party: Taking on the Corporate Government in an Age of