Richard Grossman’s recollections of Rose Nader

Mrs Nader was every bit as remarkable as her remarkable children.

Their intelligence, their achievements, their fervor, and their numberless contributions to this country are all rooted in her and her late husband.  Mrs. Nader’s particular characteristics that so endowed her children, and so rewarded those of us outside the family, were her wisdom, the music in her speech, her directness, and her simple and deep belief in doing the right thing.

She had an unerring eye and ear for the truth, and a modest but relentless way of standing for it.

Above all, Mrs Nader stood as a paramount example of the power of quiet persistence, and sometimes quiet insistence.  Her modest and gentle style was a model for us all, as was her devotion to her family and to the principles in which she believed.

Richard Grossman

January 23, 2006