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Reporter’s Alert: Part IV

April 16, 2021

…for such American “exceptionalism” is that the world’s most powerful Empire wishes not to be so restricted by the rule of law because it can exert the “Rule of Power.”…

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Climate Disasters – Ending Congressional Stupor Now!

February 7, 2014

Every year brings the world more climatological science that man-made climate change, or overall global warming, is chronically worsening. Every year, from Antarctica to Greenland, from the Andes to Alaska,…

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Free Trade in Executive Talent from 3rd World Countries

July 5, 2000

…A Times spokesman explained that the move was necessary to meet the global competition. The two prize-winning Chinese newspaper columnists — Li Gangsun and Mao Yushi — pledged to work…

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Risk of a Viral Pandemic

August 27, 2004

…alert the international community to the urgency of the problem. In a letter I told the President that such a conference is “required to highlight internationally the immediate need of…

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As The Drone Flies…

September 26, 2011

…the government are debating how far UAVs can go and still stay within what one imaginative booster, Ronald C. Arkin, called international humanitarian law and the rules of engagement. Concerns…

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Face the Nation Doldrums

January 4, 1995

…that there is exploding growth in Asia and South America, and that the nations of the world are kind of rushing to catch up, to figure out how to deal…

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Robert Clampitt, Children’s Express

September 23, 1996

…So Mr. Clampitt started Children’s Express (CE) — a nonprofit youth leadership organization which “uses oral journalism to give children a significant voice in the world.” In short, he decided…

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Tax Haven Racket

June 12, 2007

…compelling that the rest of this column is devoted to excerpts from her presentation: “The tax haven racket is the biggest scam in the world. It’s run by the international

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Improving the Labor Press

August 30, 1975

…developed publications of sizable circulation. The International Teamsters News,” a monthly magazine, and the United Auto Workers “Solidarity,” a monthly newspaper each have circulations of just under two million. The…

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December 24, 1993

…about 25,000 a year since 1985 and the dreaded drug-resistant strains of this disease are increasing also. To much of the rest of the world, TB is THE scourge, taking…

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