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Ralph Nader > In the Public Interest > Election Time Tweets for Getting Out the Vote

By Ralph Nader

October 30, 2020

This is a special column of some of my tweets on the upcoming election and other pressing topics.

  1. How can anyone vote for corrupt Trump? He lets corporate crooks cheat, steal and increase deadly pollution. Broke promise to bring back jobs from China, pushing against 23 million with health insurance, and egotistically bungling everything to intensify anxiety dread and fear.
  2. How can any woman vote for Donald Trump? The savage sexual predator has abused, degraded, assaulted and insulted women without any remorse. His regime’s social safety net has been stingy and cruel to programs fostering the well-being of low-income mothers and children.
  3. Yesterday’s New York Times headlined Trump’s corruption and the convictions of many of his circle. The long article only scratched the surface of what vast corruption will emerge in the coming months. Why aren’t the Democrats making Trump corruption a daily headline issue?
  4. Many millions of workers making less than $15 an hour can go to the polls and vote for a raise. Minimum wages have been frozen at $7.25 an hour federal. Democrats promise $15 an hour. Republicans oppose. Florida has referendum at $15 an hour. Go vote for a raise!
  5. How can workers vote for Trump? He’s frozen the federal minimum wage, thinks they are overpaid, undermines unions and pensions, and destroys protections for health and safety by shutting down OSHA. He put Eugene Scalia as Sec. of the Anti-Labor Dept. on their backs to boot.
  6. If the Dems win Ohio, they win the election. Polls show Ohio is tied, under a Republican Secretary of State. Why aren’t the Democrats having their open ally former Republican Governor John Kasich, still popular, campaign for Biden in Ohio? Any answers DNC?
  7. Are Democrats making the same mistake again? Relying heavily on TV with little ground game to get out voters. On the ground in swing states, volunteer Trumpsters greatly outnumber Dems in contacting neighbors and planting signs. Polls were wrong in 2016. Beware.
  8. Why would any veteran vote for Cowardly Draft Dodging Trump who calls fallen soldiers “losers and suckers” and who declines to visit military cemeteries observing cynically “what was in it for them?” He says these things because he’s always gotten away with his foul mouth.
  9. Eureka! Obama emerges with a drive-in rally in Philadelphia for the Biden/Harris ticket. A new book explains his long absence with few exceptions from publicly challenging Trump. It’s called “Hollow Resistance: Obama, Trump and the Politics of Appeasement” by Paul Street.
  10. How can any workers hard pressed by stagnant or frozen minimum wages vote for Trump? Crooked Donald once said American workers are overpaid. Maybe that’s because they don’t lie, cheat and steal like he has in his career.
  11. Trump has continued years of the frozen federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. People can’t live on Walmart wages—a company that shows its workers how to apply for welfare programs. Millions of people are entitled to go vote for their raise—$15 an hour. November 3rd.
  12. If Dems lose to Trump in the swing states, due to the Electoral College, it will be because they didn’t front and center stand for a living wage, address anxiety dread and fear with specific proposals and highlight Trump as the savage sexual predator he has boastfully been.
  13. Trump said that if Biden wins, he may have to leave the country. He may be right. He’ll be a fugitive from justice, thinking about moving to a country without an extradition treaty thereby escaping the arm of U.S. law.
  14. Why is the widely reported corporate crime wave, in its harm to consumers, workers, communities and governments, not an issue by the Democrats? It’s off the table. Go to my 2008 website and see what other issues the two party duopoly took off the table.
  15. Arch-criminal violator of federal laws and arch-serial violator of our Constitution and system of checks and balances—Donald J. Trump—demands that his private lawyer AG Barr prosecute everyone in his fevered view, even reporters asking questions. Flailing and Imploding Donald.
  16. Trump’s Covid illness is being totally cared for by socialized medicine. He goes to a government hospital paid by taxpayers, receives medicines paid by taxpayers, and doctors and nurses paid by taxpayers. Yet he wants to get rid of ACA insurance for 23 million Americans. Hypocrite. In 1999, when he flirted with running for president, Trump was for universal health care. He also changed a lot of other positions when he ran in 2016, including on climate disruptions.
  17. One of Trump’s great damages to America is that he brought out the worst of our country. Inciting bigotry, misogyny, violence in the streets and wrongfully undermining trust in scientists, the postal service and our electoral system. His is a cruel, vicious and immoral ego.
  18. If Democrats want to get out more votes, why aren’t they more frequently asking Jesse Jackson to help on their social media and TV ads? He is arguably the greatest Get Out the Vote activist in our generation.
  19. Millions of Americans daily caught in anxiety, dread, fear and deprivation without health insurance. Solution? Full Medicare For All. Millions of Americans harassed and obstructed from voting. Solution? The Australian way—universal voting as a legal duty. Only in America!
  20. Boss Trump, in 2015, said American workers are overpaid. For almost four years he has sat on the frozen minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. Who says he’s not cruel and callous? Right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  21. Continue demanding Trump’s resignation. He is undermining and obstructing our elections, inciting civil strife, corruptly dismantling our health and safety protections and worsening the Covid-19 pandemic. A lawbreaking, egomaniacal menace. America can’t wait.
  22. Trump won the debate for Biden. Keep at it, Donald. Stay the careening course that keeps turning off more Americans from your interruptive fabrications and vile indecencies.
  23. Not too late to recognize the millions of midnight shift workers who keep the country going while we are asleep. Candidates campaigning at midnight during the work shifts at hospitals, nursing homes, factories, police stations, plus all night retail stores will earn votes. These workers feel excluded. Recognizing them may result in workers going to the early morning polls after they leave work.
  24. Will Trump’s boastful record as a savage sexual predator be publicized and televised by his opponents to make him pay a political price? Or will he get away with it like he has on so many other criminal and criminogenic activities, from his business to his political career? If you don’t think this is a serious matter, please read my letter to selected members of Congress.
  25. Unlike the Republicans, the Democrats seem to have no nicknames for their opponents and no slogans for their supporters. Catchy nicknames and stand up slogans work. What’s their problem?
  26. Why has Trump lied over 22,000 times as president? The less he knows and the less he accomplishes, the more he has to lie to provide camouflage for his image. Trouble is when he lies, people die, get sick and are ripped off.
  27. To get last minute voters, opponents of Trump must emphasize long overdue $15 min. wage. “Go vote yourself a raise.” Trump’s criminal violence and degrading language against women. Campaigning for millions of midnight shift workers. And ways to reduce anxiety, dread and fear.
  28. There would be no nightmares and stress heading into next week’s presidential election were it not for the tyrannical Electoral College. When will the Dems (after 2000 and 2016) wake up and support that makes whoever gets the most votes nationally president?
  29. Why would consumers vote Trump? He pulls federal cops off the corporate crime beat so crooks like him can cheat, deceive and harm. He lets polluters force poisons into their bodies. He’s OK with marketeers selling bad things directly to kids, undermining parental authority.
  30. Surveys of Covid-19 viruses showed overwhelming support for Trump. They like his downplaying, blasting media for fake news, and overruling scientists. They also like his ignoring protective equipment. One virus said, “we love him so much we let him off lightly when he caught us.” “He’s our super-spreader-in-chief” they sang, especially around Trump’s mass rallies.
  31. How could this election be close? Voter suppressor Trump lies daily and endangers millions of people. He’s given away our govt. to Wall Street. He is a serial bigot, has assaulted and openly degraded women. He tweets his ego. Watches Fox all day while Americans pay the price.

Ralph Nader is a consumer advocate and author of many public policy books, including the just published, Wrecking America: How Trump’s Lawbreaking and Lies Betray All.