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Ralph Nader > Uncategorized > Penny-Brigade, Assemble!

Shareholders are the majority owners of many of the world’s largest, most powerful corporations. Despite this fact, the muscle of shareholder ownership is often far too soft to affect the actions of greedy corporate decision-makers. Shareholders are relatively powerless to protect their share values from decline under questionable or outright poor corporate management.

This is something that must change!

Imagine if a substantial group of shareholders banded together and pledged just one cent per share they own—per year—to fund an independent watchdog operation that was laser-beam focused on the vital interests of shareholders? This organization’s full-time staff would directly answer to each company’s contributing shareholders group. A real human’s time, talent, and attention would be trained on the interests of corporate shareholders and would hold corporate feet to the fire when those interests were abused.

Company by company, a shareholder watchdog could effectively bolster the power of shareholders to a whole new level of constancy.

A mere ten billion shares, out of trillions of outstanding shares, self-assessed one cent per share, would hire a full-time watchdog for each of the top five hundred corporations in the country.

Shareholders of all political leanings must arise and form such a penny-brigade. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain by protecting their share values from decline or collapse. It’s time for shareholders to take hold of the companies they own and fight for their rights as owners.

To join the penny-brigade or for more information send an email to [email protected]